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(25-27 September 2023)

Istanbul; considered to be the queen of cities in mythology throughout history, has some specific districts, without which the city would be incomplete. As a matter of the fact, the Golden Horn, The Bosphorus, and the Princes’ Islands, are all characterizing components of Istanbul, which come into mind in the first instance.

Ongoing from the East Roman Empire to the Ottoman Empire, the islands have acquired different names such as Cin Adaları, Papaz Adaları, Keşiş Adaları or Kızıl Adalar. No doubt, this nine-piece archipelago of Istanbul (Büyükada, Heybeliada, Burgazada, Kınalıada, Sedef Adası, Demokrasi ve Özgürlükler Adası [Yassıada], Sivriada, Kaşıkadası and Tavşanadası) have unique aspects and features. These unique elements include a wide range of academic disciplines such as geography, ecology, climate science, seismology, geology, marine sciences, oceanography, history, or art.

Istanbul Islands are periodically subject to scientific investigation and discussion due to their extremely diverse and quantitatively intense features. In this context, all aspects of the Istanbul Islands were scientifically and collectively discussed for the first time at the International Istanbul Islands Symposium, which was held on October 3-6, 2013. Aiming to achieve the same purpose, II. International Istanbul Islands Symposium will be held on 25-27 September, 2023 at Anadolu Club located at Büyükada. The papers presented in the symposium will be published as a proceedings book in a printed format on December 2023 after the symposium.

The symposium, which aims to examine and discuss the Istanbul Islands with all their aspects and features, is planned to be held face-to-face. We will be honored to have all of the interested parties who would like to participate in the symposium by their original work.

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